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SHD works with Piran Advanced Composites on Prismatic Limited and BAE range of UAV platforms

Over the last two years, SHD Composite Materials Limited and Piran Advanced Composites Ltd have been working together on exciting projects in development with Prismatic Limited and BAE on their range of UAV platforms.

The high calibre manufacturing capability of Piran in conjunction with the high-performance material supplied by SHD, has resulted in lightweight, technically advanced platforms which have exceeded all expectations. Videos of the most recent flight tests can be seen at

The advanced material supplied by SHD has the advantage of out of autoclave processing and a cure range anywhere from 65°C up to 140°C, depending on specific manufacturing and service requirements. Being a toughened resin system, it also demonstrates excellent mechanical performance.

Tooling for this advanced air platform has also been manufactured from SHD’s range of tooling prepregs which has been of significant benefit in ensuring the stability of these lightweight products during cure.

Mawgan Searle, Managing Director of Piran Advanced Composites said;

The consistency in material supply from SHD has meant we have been able to significantly reduce the balance weights on components such as propellers and the excellent surface finish has meant less post processing work

SHD are proud to be part of these ongoing developments and look forward to working with Piran Advanced Composites on future programmes.

SHD Composite Materials Ltd:

Piran Advanced Composites Ltd:

Photos courtesy of Prismatic.

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