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SHD demonstrates environmental commitment by setting ambitious Net Zero goals

SHD Composite Materials Ltd have teamed up with their new carbon partner, Auditel, to help them on their journey to carbon neutrality and achieve their strategic objective of reaching Net Zero by 2050.

Nick Smith, Technical Director, comments; “Here at SHD we make the protection of our planet high on our priority list. As such, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations as much as possible. As part of this commitment, we are working to reduce carbon emissions from all parts of the business and achieve Net Zero.

As SHD is a manufacturer of high-performance composites used for lightweight vehicles and aircraft, our products are already playing an important part in reducing global carbon emissions and we wish to take this to the next level by minimising the CO₂ embedded in our materials as part of our internal processes. We will then be able to directly pass this on to our customers as part of their Net Zero journey.

We recognise that we don’t have the skill and resources to make this transition and are fully reliant on the team at Auditel to guide us through the process as we make our Net Zero Journey. Auditel can bring us their industry leading techniques and experience to assist us in gathering the data that we need, carrying out analysis and most importantly helping us use that data to reduce our carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions is vital for the planet in general terms but specifically for SHD, as we work in a supply chain delivering cars, aircraft, boats and spacecraft, all of which emit CO₂ during use. Our products are used to lightweight these vehicles and hence reduce emissions in the use phase but increasingly, customers need to know the CO₂ embedded in their vehicles. We need to work with our suppliers to determine the CO₂ embedded in the materials that we sell but we cannot get the whole picture without knowing the CO₂ emitted in making these materials. We also need to be able to demonstrate to our customers that we have a plan to reduce these emissions both by smarter purchasing of our ingredients and by making our own Net Zero journey.

Beyond the business case, quantifying and reducing emissions is a moral imperative. Stakeholders across the board, from employees to our community, expect and deserve our commitment to a sustainable future through Net Zero. Every company is thinking about carbon reduction and in our industry, it is widely recognised that sustainability is the biggest issue facing us. SHD are the market leaders in reducing the CO₂ embedded in composite materials and we now need to maintain that lead by taking it to the next level and achieving Net Zero.

Decarbonisation Projects

SHD has a long-standing commitment to environmental responsibility, continuously implementing improvements to make our solutions the most sustainable in the industry. This includes introducing novel products, increasing production equipment energy efficiency, reducing packaging weight, and more. While the precise impact on CO₂ emissions remains unquantified, this initiative will help us strategically target and prioritise actions that deliver the most significant carbon reduction.

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