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Sustainability Focus: Next Generation Epoxies

SHDs latest products make use of biobased epoxy resins and innovative chemistry to significantly reduce the environmental impact compared to traditional epoxy systems.

Bio-based epoxies 

  • Reduced environmental impact

  • Certified 30% bio-based from renewable by-product

  • LTB310-1 tooling system

  • MTB350 component system


  • Low temperature tooling system

  • Available in flax and flax/carbon hybrid architectures

  • Robust processing & easy adoption


  • Multi-purpose component epoxy prepreg system

  • Extended ambient storage, verified to at least 6 months

  • Mechanical performance equal to fully fossil fuel alternatives

  • Optimised for use with flax and other hard-to-wet out fibres

  • Green in colour recycled polyethene backer material

  • CO2 reduction through no frozen shipping or storage requirement

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