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SHD Composites Group target increased sustainability with new MTB350 bio-epoxy system

Freeze your costs, not your prepreg!

To help with the battle against rising energy and transportation costs, SHD’s novel MTB350 epoxy prepreg system can be stored at a typical room temperature of 20°C/68°F for up to 6 months and still maintain product life. By removing the requirement for freezing during transportation and storage, MTB350 therefore offers potential for significant associated cost savings.

Currently supplied out of SHD’s UK manufacturing site, this unique epoxy system provides not only a clear financial saving but also an additional environmental benefit. The reduced CO₂ footprint achieved in avoiding frozen shipment and storage being coupled with a resin system formulated to include 30% certified bio-based content.

Complementing the extended room temperature product life, MTB350 is a versatile component system with excellent baseline mechanical performance, service up to 140°C/284°F and the capacity to ‘snap cure’ at elevated temperatures.

MTB350 has also been optimised to work well in combination with natural fibre reinforcements such as flax, providing improved handling characteristics and excellent fibre wet-out throughout the full manufacturing processing.

This is another material development that underlines SHD’s continued commitment to real and tangible gains supporting the composites supply chain on its long road to Net-Zero.

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