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Hummingbird Bike Frame

Hummingbird brings you the lightest folding bikes in the world. A combination of precision engineering and beautiful design, Hummingbird is simple, portable and a joy to ride. Available in single speed, multispeed and electric versions, the Hummingbird folding bike utilise advanced composite materials to maximise on performance and minimise on weight. Being produced at Prodrive Composites’ facility in Milton Keynes ensures the bike frame is manufactured to the highest standards with the utmost attention to detail. In this instance, the frame is made from SHD composites revolutionary new prepreg system. MTB350 is a bio-epoxy system that is 30% derived from bio-based sources, enabling a incremental step towards a more sustainable composite solution whilst still providing the performance of conventional systems. Combined with Flax Fibres, the MTB350 prepreg systems deliver a composite component with over 70% of its raw materials derived from bio-based, sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.

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