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Riversimple Hydrogen Powered Car

Riversimple is aiming to offer customers affordable, hassle free, fun-to-drive hydrogen powered eco cars. They are making electric cars powered by hydrogen rather than batteries because they believe they have a vital role to play in decarbonising transport as quickly and effectively as possible. The only emission from Riversimple’s cars is water. Available on a subscription-only basis, one all-inclusive, cost-transparent monthly payment will cover all costs, including insurance and fuel.

SHD is proud to announce the launch of their new epoxy prepreg system which offers significant bio-derived raw material content, as well as additive sustainability features. Combining this resin with a flax-carbon hybrid reinforcement delivers a part with almost half its weight derived from sustainable sources.

KS Composites have worked closely with SHD to test market this novel material which highlights both companies’ aspirations for providing and utilising more sustainable composite solutions.

Component: Lower rear quarter panel - produced by KS Composites

Material: Flax/Carbon Hybrid reinforced Bio-epoxy system - manufactured by SHD Composites

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