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Low Cost FST Compliant Composite Components (NATEP)

The aims of this projects were the replacement of aluminium structural components on aerospace interior components with low cost FST (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity) compliant composite solutions, along with the development of snap-cure materials that can be processed using rapid hot press compression moulding. The focus was also on replacing traditional hazardous composite materials with SHD’s bio-based alternatives.

R&D conducted during this collaborative work allowed extensive testing and exploring different manufacturing techniques with shorter processing times – especially high-pressure compression moulding. Modifications of SHD’s bio-based resin were developed to be successfully used with carbon fibres in stringent FST applications, where use was previously limited to glass fibres. The outputs of this project also leaded to the exploration of aircraft seating non-cored components by the end user.

The project team was Cecence, SHD Composites, Wavelength NDT, and Pitch Aircraft Seating as the end-user.

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