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The Sit-Ski Project was run as a technology demonstrator by the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, with components being manufactured by the AMRC, the MTC and the NCC. The project applies the latest in UK R&D know-how to make the Sit-Ski faster, lighter and, more crucially, maximise performance.

“This novel Graphene prepreg provided the optimum performance characteristics for the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, High Tech sports project” Garry Scott – NCC

SHD Composite Materials has been working with Applied Graphene Materials to develop a material which exhibits significant benefits to designers and end-users alike. Our graphene-enhanced product, MTC9800, yields improvements in weight reduction programmes. Under cyclic loading, results have been demonstrated significant increases in performance. It is envisaged that this material will prove beneficial to automotive, aerospace, leisure goods and renewable energy markets.

Key benefits include enhanced fracture toughness, interlaminar strength and fatigue performance.

Take a look at the HVM Catapult video.

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