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SHD Group introduce LTB300 bio-epoxy tooling system delivering excellent results on short cycle times

SHD Group, a leading provider of advanced prepreg materials, today announced the launch of LTB300, a new tooling system that is 30% bio-based, offers an excellent surface finish, cures rapidly at low temperatures, and can be delivered on short lead times.

LTB300 is a novel prepreg tooling system for manufacturers who are looking for a material that is both more environmentally friendly and of equally high-performance to the incumbent systems. The resin system is tailored to 200gsm carbon fabric for the surface plies and 650gsm or 1000gsm fabrics for bulking plies to provide a conventional 1-8-1 or a more rapid 1-5-1 configuration. Tack and drape have been optimised to provide operators with a system to laminate high quality tools in record time.

Initial cure temperatures of 45°C provide a tool in just 12 hours with an ultimate Tg of over 200°C achievable after post cure. Initial cure can comfortably be achieved with a rapid 8 hours at 55°C or 6 hours at 60°C.

“We are excited to launch LTB300 – designed with sustainability at its heart.” said Nicholas Smith, Technical Director at SHD Composite Materials. “With bio-sourced ingredients and a faster cure for reduced energy consumption it brings both efficiency and ecological consciousness to composite tooling applications. In addition, the optimised formulation gives excellent surface finish and tool durability and when combined with SHD’s legendary service, makes LTB300 the ideal solution for applications where time and quality are of the essence.”

LTB300 is available now from SHD’s UK and European (Krsko, Slovenia) manufacturing sites and its USA (Mooresville, NC) facility in early 2024.

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