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SHD and Lineat sign terms to develop more sustainable, aligned-recycled carbon fibre composites

SHD Composite Materials Ltd (SHD), a global manufacturer of advanced composite prepregs with a strong focus on enhancing sustainability and material circularity, has signed a ‘Heads of Terms’ with Lineat Composites Ltd (Lineat). Lineat is a leading sustainable technology company with a patented novel, and scalable, manufacturing technology that highly aligns ‘recycled’ and waste carbon fibre material (AFFT™).

Developments combining Lineat’s AFFTTM material with SHD’s bio-sourced and lower CO2 footprint solutions have already stimulated exciting opportunities and early engagement with some of the world’s leading automotive and sports brands. Having established a solid early-stage technology roadmap, Lineat and SHD now plan to expand further development engagements with innovative composite design teams and OEMs.

SHD’s and Lineat’s unique prepreg developments will support the growing cry for increased sustainability, material circularity and efficiency across all sectors of the composite market.

Keep a check out for news of developments in 2023.

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