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Nick Smith, Technical Director, to represent Composites UK on two BSI committees

SHD Group are proud to announce that Nick Smith, the Technical Director has been confirmed to represent Composites UK on the Association in the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) committees on secondary cell and batteries (PEL/21) and electric vehicles (PEL/69).

Nick was nominated for this role by Composites UK, having been working with prepregs for almost 20 years, since 2013 with SHD and prior to that with ACG/Umeco (now Solvay). He’s a chemist by profession and has a particular interest in resin formulation.

Relating to EV battery boxes, SHD have developed materials specifically for these applications and over the last five years have been heavily involved in this area. SHD sells material into the aerospace industry for electrically powered aircraft and into the automotive industry for cars, predominantly supercars at the moment, and heavy vehicles.

As part of this work, SHD have a requirement to demonstrate that their materials meet the safety standards required by the end user – both in terms of crash worthiness and thermal runaway protection. They carry out testing on their materials to support this but the tests are normally customer derived and they see the need for international standards in this area, meaning they are naturally keen to be involved in their development.

Nick concludes: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to represent Composites UK on these committees. The need for standards to support the challenging timescales of the Road to Zero is critical and I am looking forward to contributing to this process”.

For more information about the standards visit the BSI website:

To view the Composites UK announcement, visit:

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