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Enterprise Bio-interiors

The main objective of this project was to produce a bio-based composite material, capable of meeting all the performance and processing requirements of the aerospace interiorsmarket especially stringent FST (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity) properties, as an alternative to historical phenolic materials.

Through this project SHD developed the first iterations of its biobased, FST compliant prepreg system (FR308), suitable for mass transit interiors applications. The processing properties of the new type of chemical used were optimised and with the same user-friendly characteristics as traditional epoxy or phenolic systems. Composite parts were successfully manufactured by the project partners, ranging from small intricate monolithic components to large 8’ by 4’ sandwich panels, demonstrating the flexibility of SHD’s new bio-based prepreg material.

The project team included AIM Composites, and Ipeco.

FR308 Data Sheet

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