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Manufacturers and developers of advanced composite prepreg materials and technology

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We offer a wide range of tooling and component prepregs suitable for autoclave, press and oven curing. Using our product selector guide you can browse our products by process, type and resin system to find the right product for your needs.

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“Striving to meet the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”

Continued development in the use of bio-based materials is enabling our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their product offering. We believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a compromise to performance. Instead, our materials enable innovative design solutions to support the composites supply chain on its route to Net Zero.

Shutterstock 689656534 (1) SHD sustainable materials enable innovative design solutions to support the composites supply chain on its route to Net Zero. SHD support a number of markets, including Marine, Sport and Leisure, Defence, Industrial and Rail.

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Motorsport Automotive Aerospace Tooling Sustainability Other Sectors


The Motorsport industry remains a core sector for SHD, with an unwavering strategic commitment to maintain the highest levels of support for its global motorsport customer base.
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As a High Performance Automotive industry leader, SHD supply a proven range of products to multiple OEMs alongside a developing range of new technologies with a focus on sustainable materials.
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The modern Aerospace and Defence industries present some unique challenges and are rapidly becoming important sectors for SHD
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SHD is an established market leader in the supply of tooling materials to Industrial and Aerospace customers across the globe.
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Our enhanced sustainability product range has applications in all our key sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Motorsport, Marine and Sport & Leisure.
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Other Sectors

Our products can be applied to a variety of markets, and this range of applications will always remain important for SHD.
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Advanced Composite Experts


Manufacturers and developers of advanced composite prepreg materials



Developed with extensive composite industry experience and expertise, we manufacture a wide range of tooling and prepreg materials, suitable for a variety of global market applications and sectors.


Flexible Service

The service that you receive is a fundamental part of your customer experience. That is why we offer unrivalled flexibility and technical support from our team of composites experts.


Research & Development

With a dedicated technical centre to facilitate the development of new and innovative products, our team work closely with our customers to ensure you have the optimum materials for your requirements.

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