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JCB Aero develop aircraft interior flooring panels with high performance FRVC411 prepreg

In collaboration with SHD, JCB Aero have developed a floorboard panel system for the MRO market that offers a substantial weight reduction. Utilising FRVC411, an innovative, toughened and flame-retardant epoxy resin system created by SHD, the durability of the new floor panels was significantly increased while weight and costs were reduced.

JCB Aero has developed a floorboard panel system, compliant to BMS4-17/20/23, for the MRO market. These panels offer a substantial weight reduction and through their EASA-certified design (Part 21J), production (Part 21G) and EASA Part 145 capabilities, the JCB panels can be installed on 95% of Boeing Cabins on variants including B737, B747 and B777.

Tested for full conformance with aircraft interiors standards, FRVC411 is a toughened, flame-retardant epoxy resin system designed to cure between 65°C and 140°C allowing flexibility in component manufacture for aircraft and rail interior applications. Utilising the lightweight, high strength unidirectional carbon fibre prepreg increased the durability of the new floor panels and supported both a reduction in weight of the part and the cost of manufacture.

JCB Aero, partnering with SHD, boasts significantly faster production times compared to traditional OEM floorboard manufacturing. Prepreg materials can be delivered in just 3 weeks, allowing JCB Aero to create custom floorboards with multiple Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) in a much shorter timeframe.

Eric Cagnat, Chief Operating Officer at JCB Aero, praises their successful collaboration: “The team at SHD were easy to work with and provided a tailored solution at an attractive price. As the FRVC411 is a versatile resin system, it helped to reduce processing times whilst maintaining our high-quality requirements. Overall, we were very impressed with the product and will return for future projects.”

About JCB Aero

JCB Aero SAS – Located in Southwestern France in Auch, JCB are world leaders in their composite and carbon fiber production techniques and methods and can carry out completion works utilizing their DOA & POA approval status. JCB are also qualified completion specialists in VIP Helicopter world and acquired their 145 approval for maintenance. Since 2016, JCB Aero is an AMAC Aerospace Company.

JCB Aero is a member of the ‘AMAC Aerospace Group of Companies’.

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG

AMAC Aerospace is offering narrow and wide-body VIP Completion and Maintenance for the corporate/private aviation market. The company was founded in 2008 in Basel, Switzerland. Today the company is the largest privately-owned facility in the world and led by Kadri Muhiddin, Executive Chairman/Group CEO, Tarek Muhiddin, COO and Mauro Grossi, Group CFO. The successful progress attests to the commitment to excellence. With long-term industry engagement, deep industry roots, extensive experience and strong international network, the AMAC team collaborates to exceed the expectations of clients, airworthiness authorities and original equipment manufacturers.

Photo Credit: AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG

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