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SHD joins project CARMA

Sonichem is leading a £600K Innovate UK-funded consortium to revolutionise the automotive industry with sustainable, bio-based materials.

Welcome to CARMA (carbon-neutral agroforestry-derived resins to materials for automotive applications), where we'll be partnering closely with Sonichem, Scott Bader, Polestar, CPI and the National Composites Centre.

Sonichem are leading a consortium that has secured a substantial £600,000 funding from the UK Research and Innovation 'Resource efficiency for materials and manufacturing' (REforMM) collaborative research and development competition. The project aims to revolutionise the production of sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to petrochemicals that are typically used in plastics, resins and composites for vehicle manufacturing.

SHD's involvement in Project CARMA shows our ongoing commitment to more sustainable solutions. Our corporate strategy to reduce the environmental impact of our products enables us to dedicate resources to exciting projects like these which, in turn, support the supply chains route to Net-Zero.

Read more about the project from Sonichem:

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