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SHD Holdings (SHD Group) has subsidiaries throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. SHD Group manufactures advanced composite tooling and component prepreg materials for a wide range of applications. Suitable for press, oven or autoclave curing, our prepreg resin systems can be supplied on a range of reinforcements depending on your specifications. Working to an average of 2-weeks lead time, we supply high quality, high performance materials all over the world from our manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe and USA.

The SHD group of companies have been strategically formed to be able to service the global composites market with the same range of high performance prepreg materials from multiple manufacturing bases. SHD's fundamental ethos of service, quality and innovation remains at the core of the group, with a focus on short lead times and market leading customer support. SHD Composite Materials Ltd was formed in 2010, with SHD Holdings being formed in 2017 after considerable growth within the UK, Europe and the USA.

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“Although we are very aware that we are a very tiny customer to SHD, we are never made to feel anything but enormously valued and welcome.”

Kay - Bruce & Walker


SHD Composite Materials Ltd

Our original site in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, is the Head Office and manufacturing base of the SHD Group. It is also the global centre for Research & Development and Technical Support. From our Sleaford manufacturing site, we have the capability of servicing all of our UK and Rest of World customers, with our fabric and uni-directional prepreg machines having a combined capacity of over 2 million square metres per year.

SHD Composite Materials Europe d.o.o.

To support strong growth in the European markets, SHD Composite Materials Europe d.o.o. opened its factory in Krsko in early 2018 initially as a distribution centre, and now a full manufacturing site. With a fabric prepreg line, SHD Europe offers the full range of high quality SHD products. Maintaining strong links to SHD UK, SHD Composite Materials Europe d.o.o offers the renowned SHD levels of Service and Technical Support.


SHD-MTI Ltd (SHD Mass Transit Interiors) sits within the SHD group of companies with a specific company model to service the high-volume aerospace and rail interiors markets with flame retardant resin systems compliant to CS25.853 and EN45545. 

The potential and scope for FR308 as a viable FST proven (and bio-based) alternative to phenolic is becoming widely acknowledged. SHD-MTI is led by highly experienced aerospace and rail professionals working alongside our current composites team at SHD Composite Materials Ltd.

SHD Composite Materials Inc.

SHD Composite Materials Inc was incorporated in August 2018, to service the expanding American and Canadian composite industries. The North American HQ is located in Mooresville, North Carolina and became a fully operational manufacturing facility in 2019.

The facility manufactures the same high-quality products that SHD have been supplying and developing over the past ten years.

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Meet the Directors

Steve Doughty - Managing Director

Steve has been a composites professional for over 30 years. His experience and knowledge of all aspects of prepreg manufacture is unparalleled in the industry.

Helen Doughty - Director

Helen is an experienced businesswoman, specialising in Business Management, Administration and Finance. Co-owner of SHD, Helen has worked in the composites industry for over 12 years.

Jacqui Jackson - Finance Director

Jacqui is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience, and has been the nominated accountant for SHD since before the inception of the company.

Nick Smith - Technical Director

Nick is an industrial chemist who is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry with a wealth of experience in the composites, explosives, construction and rail industries.


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