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Sharp and Tappin Compcut 200 Saw Installed

Accurate and high quality cutting is critical for the preparation of material testing specimens, which is why the Compcut 200 is an extremely valuable addition to our Technical Centre. This is a robust, easy to run machine that allows us to manufacture samples with unprecedented regularity.

The Compcut 200 represents the latest in Sharp & Tappin's range of composite machining solutions. This new machine has been designed to offer composite R&D teams and test centres affordable access to an easy to use though inherently sophisticated and robust plate saw.

Ben Sharp (Sharp & Tappin – Technical Director)
We are extremely proud to have one of our new Compcut 200s being used by such a well known and respected company as SHD Composites, who are at the cutting edge of advanced composite technology.

Alix Sauget (SHD Composites - Research & Development Manager)
We have been using the Compcut 200 for the past month and are already seeing the benefits of its enhanced production capabilities.

In short, the Compcut 200 has enabled us to quickly, easily and consistently produce high quality test samples, which all have an exceptional cut, perpendicularity and parallelism. Thus meaning we are now able to test our samples straight from the saw without needing to deburr or polish them first, saving us a significant amount of time and effort every day.

We believe the Compcut 200 will be a valuable addition to our organization and are looking forward to developing and building on our relationship with Sharp & Tappin going forward.

Helen Doughty (SHD Composites – Director)
We are really pleased to be one of the first companies in the UK to be using the Compcut 200 as an active part of our composite testing process and are already seeing the benefits because of the amount of time it is saving the team.

This purchase combined with other major investments in developing and enhancing our in-house composite production and testing capabilities, ensures we can support the requirements and demands of our customers in the long-term.

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