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Ljubljana's new Electric Formula Student racing car is released - Svarog

On the 18th of April, Team Superior Engineering from Ljubljana, Slovenia, revealed its fourth formula car for Formula Student competitions. The new Svarog is second in the line of electric formulas from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students. As all the cars in the past, Svarog was set to be best in its class. Weight reduction and improved drivetrain performance were two goals during the design phase.

To achieve the goals of making the car lighter, the team chose lightweight but strong materials. In this respect carbon fibre prepreg is the best solution. Engineers opted for monocoque chassis. As SHD provided the team with high-strength prepreg carbon fibre, the team could make it even lighter than last year and still comply with all the strict safety regulations. A worry was that this weight saving would be lost on the high-voltage battery container. To overcome this, SHD offered the engineers their sophisticated fire retardant carbon fibre prepreg. They managed to skim off 12kg on the container alone which is 21% of the whole new 55kg HV battery package! To make the car lighter and get better track performance, students also designed a full carbon fibre aerodynamic package, full carbon fibre hollow 10” rims to fit the racing tires and many other lightweight components.

The car will be in action in summer across 4 European Formula Student competitions starting in Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Austria.

Jan Kirn, team leader: “We are extremely pleased to have SHD Composites as our partner and sponsor! They have been with us since the very beginning of this project in Ljubljana and collaboration is getting better every year! The provided us with all the high quality pre-preg carbon fiber that we needed this season to make this the lightest car in team’s history and hopefully also the fastest. We are looking forward to further cooperation!”


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