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Introducing Quadrow

Introducing our new design of carbon fibre prepreg: Quadrow.

We are excited to introduce a new, highly visual design of carbon fibre prepreg with excellent drapability and a balanced weave.

The weave was designed by Managing Director, Steve Doughty, in a view to create a high definition visual carbon prepreg with excellent drapability performance. Working with Sigma Design, this 245g 3K 5 harness satin is available at 1250mm wide. Quadrow can be combined with any of our resin systems but for visual applications, it is recommended to be used with MTC510.

Quadrow is available in three styles; Quadrow Plain, Quadrow Twill and Quadrow Twill V Weave (coming soon). Unlike traditional satin weaves, Quadrow offers a balanced satin weave which reduces twist and distortion.

Quadrow is currently undergoing extensive mechanical testing to be able to provide in depth technical data but we are confident that the material will perform well in many applications.

If you are interested in using Quadrow on your next prepreg project, please contact the sales team on or send us an enquiry.

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