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CARBIO: Carbon/bio-composite hybrid vehicle structures for reduced weight, cost and environmental impact (NATEP)

The goals of CARBIO were to reduce the weight, cost, environmental impact and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) of carbon fibre automotive components by incorporating novel flax / bio-epoxy composites to create hybrid structures, and to demonstrate this by producing a case study component.

The project made significant progress on the issues it aimed to address. Specifically, novel flax and bio-epoxy composites were developed and their mechanical and vibration properties tested in detail. Hybrid flax-carbon lay-ups and structures were also developed and optimised for automotive applications including exterior components with class A surface finish requirements. For the first time, a flax-carbon hybrid automotive roof was designed and manufactured to demonstrate the benefits of the technology.

The project team included KS Composites, Delta Motorsport and Jaguar Land Rover as the end-user.


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