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Bloodhound LSR November Update

SHD are proud to have been involved in the Bloodhound Project from the very beginning. We have sponsored the Bloodhound LSR car with prepreg material for the front nose of the car, together with technical support throughout the life of the project.

Receiving a new sponsor has put a new lease of life into the Bloodhound Project and the progress so far this year has been amazing! The branding has been transformed with a brand new logo and design for the project and car. The core colour scheme is red, white and silver/grey with a white chassis to replace the previous blue, and a logo that represents the shockwave generated after the car breaks the sound barrier.

The Bloodhound team have been at Hakskeenpan, South Africa this month trialing the car doing various test runs. 

November 7th saw the car reach 501mph in run profile 6 with a double chute deployment!

Watch the video of the team achieving 501mph here.

SHD are following the team all the way. Good luck!

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